27 février 2009 : La recette du bon sommeil…

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  1. mamie-Claire dit :

    La recette du sommeil est bien efficace …Est-ce que Clémence a commencé à te chanter des berceuses ?
    Ma petite Camille, tu as les joues de plus en plus rondes: la recette de lait est bonne aussi. Bisou

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  5. Bubba dit :

    Great interview! I myself was confused from the start by the Mulleavys taking full credit for Black Swan’s co#i8mes—tt&su217;s clear from watching the trailer, let alone the whole movie, that they only contributed to the film’s costumes. But perhaps the fashion press is more to blame than the sisters are. They do (rightfully) fawn over them so.

  6. Er staan twee fouten in dit bericht over Mia Smelt. De man op de foto is niet de techicus die de platen zal draaien, maar chef omroeper Fons Disch van de KRO.De uitzending begon altijd met de tekst: Tot tien uur bent U, huisvrouwen van nederland, weer de baas in etherland.'n Programma voor U, samengesteld door U onder de titel: Moeders wil is wet.

  7. John, you’ll probably never know how many lives you’re impacting in so many important ways. This post and the NY Times news from your Monday post make it clear your message is being widely heard is and greatly appreciated. I’m so glad I had a chance to meet you and hear you speak at the Tattered Cover here in Denver! K.

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  10. 27a529a dit :936cccarf … en chouinerie je fais aussi devant : le J.T chaque hiver quand on voit la solitude des SDF / Dirty Dancing pour la 648ème fois : SChérinounet est habitué maintenant …19cdbb

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  12. Ich habe im Winter und wenn es draußen feucht ist immer so krisselige Haare, aber aus Angst vor Haarschäden hab ich mir nie ein Glätteisen zugelegt. Diese Gefahr scheint ja hier nicht zu bestehen, also versuch ich mein Glück gerne!

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  18. Catterson’s an utter disappointment, and as for Shoei/Arai, they’re the LAST brands I’m shopping any more. We’re all forgetting how many years Snell fought Dexter over this before finally relenting.

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  31. Dear Reid, Jan and family, We are so sorry to hear of the passing of your father. Mortal separation from our loved ones can leave a large hole in our hearts that can never be filled, but our fond memories make the burden lighter to carry. May our Father’s peace be with you. — Al Brixey

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  36. my god Mungowitz, that’s a *nasty* dorm room. a window unit AC? Except for the « view » it seems worse than places we rented in St. Louis.Oh and why is the EYM wearing Georgia Tech shorts and a BASEBALL tee in front of the Dean Dome. Do you have a later shot after the lightning struck him?

  37. · Lovely rhubarb photos. Farmer’s markets hold so much inspiration! Although, just today I picked up some greens and I can’t remember what they were called! This cake sounds so good, I bet it would be good with raspberries and cherries when their in season. Yum, thank you!

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  44. … Another idea (not my own): switch to large, cafeteria-style highschools with a large selection of vocational AND academic offerings but only a bare minimum of required courses to graduate, e.g., basic arithmetic and American history and use of a keyboard, plus maybe cooking and driver ed. .. Huh? That’s the way many American high schools are and have been for a long time. What’s good about that?

  45. Oooh, I'm jealous that you're "in between" jumbles. They're so few and far between round my way these days and as for 2 in one day AND on a THURSDAY, well that's unheard of. Love the dress. Hope you get loads of bargains at the next jumble.

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